Ferplast Lindo Tray & Bowls Entry Lev

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Lindo EL is a tray for cats and dogs complete with two 0.3 L bowls: providing your friend with water and either dry or wet food is super easy! Made of sturdy plastic, this tray is very practical: its side edges keep water and food from spilling, resulting in an ordered, clean feeding area. Lindo EL also has a comfortable support base for your friend’s paws. Stable because of the anti-slip feet on its base, it’s easy to move and place wherever you want. As for maintenance, simply clean with a sponge or rinse in running water.

Containing tray with built-in bowls (overall capacity: 0.6 L)
For cats and dogs, Made of sturdy plastic
Can be used for food or water Support base for your pet’s paws
Containing edges to keep water and food from spilling Bottom with anti-slip rubber feet for maximum stability
Guaranteed hygiene: easy maintenance


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